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what is piggybank and how can I win?
the piggybank is connected to pts.
Some of the offers have a piggybank entry. this means when you will join this offer, and I will approve it, 1 cent will go into the piggybank and
you will get one entry.
With this entry you can win a part of the money in the piggybank every saturday. the more entry's you have, to more chance you have to win.

Shoutbox. English only
PK - 3/25/18 7:25 AM
Uzma: What is offer name.
PK - 3/25/18 7:26 AM
Uzma: Paid to sign up offer before submitting offer name write i dont understand what is offer name plz explain me
AU - 4/1/18 11:29 PM
VN - 4/11/18 3:41 AM
AU - 4/17/18 5:43 AM
PK - 4/17/18 10:01 AM
ghouri: hi admin, hope everythink is okay and your health also.
PK - 4/17/18 10:02 AM
ghouri: i am wory about your health and your website, long time no messege no signup no payout.
PK - 4/17/18 10:03 AM
ghouri: god bless you and keep healthy.
RS - 4/20/18 3:01 AM
makeonline: is it paying?
PK - 4/21/18 1:16 PM
kamrankg: yes always paying, u dont worry keep working
PK - 5/7/18 7:48 PM
already2used: after feb 2,2018 no paout, whats wrong admin?
RS - 5/8/18 1:55 AM
makeonline: where is admin?
US - 5/8/18 6:23 PM
rmuncy: don't want to keep doing this site if not going to pay out!
PK - 5/11/18 1:41 PM
markhan: o no really
AR - 5/11/18 10:31 PM
rodarigo: @rmuncy - The site IS PAYING. Go to your "Withdraw cash" section and check if your payment was denied!
US - 5/13/18 9:33 PM
rmuncy: @rodarigo -
US - 5/13/18 9:33 PM
rmuncy: no still pending for over 3 weeks
PK - 5/15/18 2:10 PM
jackna: my payout also pending since Feb 16, 2018
PK - 5/15/18 2:10 PM
jackna: i dont know the status of site.
PK - 5/15/18 2:11 PM
jackna: i am here since apr 2016 and enjoying continue payout i dont know what happened now.
UA - 5/15/18 10:27 PM
yurafrut: Hello. What happened to the site? why payments are not made? is there any sense to continue working?
EG - 5/16/18 5:15 AM
Bs18: scam site 8-)
LV - 5/20/18 12:49 PM
kark28: site is dead
PK - 5/20/18 5:29 PM
markhan: hope admin is healthy, if admin is healthy no worry
PK - 5/20/18 5:30 PM
AU - 5/27/18 4:49 AM
Asparilla: PTC Corner and Admin have always been good.. :) Going to stick with them. Hopefully there will be an update soon enough! 8)
US - 6/5/18 5:13 PM
rose45room: Would be nice to hear from someone in charge regarding payments.
US - 6/13/18 9:55 AM
rose45room: Anyone know what is happening with admin?
UA - 6/15/18 7:35 AM
yurafrut: admin changed his sexual orientation
AR - 6/15/18 9:37 PM
rodarigo: @yurafrut - And you are jealous because he didn't choose you? Have respect!
UA - 6/16/18 10:35 PM
yurafrut: @rodarigo-Of course jealous because of you. To you the administrator does payments probably not for nothing. Advise, What should I do? Licking or sucking?
AR - 6/17/18 4:58 AM
rodarigo: @yurafrut - Cry and stop clicking, if you want. The admin always paid, he will continue paying. You can choose, I am not making you continue here!
UA - 6/17/18 8:07 AM
UA - 6/17/18 8:09 AM
yurafrut: Ptnding: Feb 22, 2018 and May 14, 2018
UA - 6/17/18 8:09 AM
yurafrut: Pending
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