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what is piggybank and how can I win?
the piggybank is connected to pts.
Some of the offers have a piggybank entry. this means when you will join this offer, and I will approve it, 1 cent will go into the piggybank and
you will get one entry.
With this entry you can win a part of the money in the piggybank every saturday. the more entry's you have, to more chance you have to win.

Shoutbox. English only
NL - 1/28/18 5:39 AM
berrevoets: all pay outs are done:)
NL - 1/29/18 1:31 AM
berrevoets: qall pending pay outs are paid again:)
TR - 1/29/18 4:37 PM
TR - 1/30/18 10:47 AM
horozkentl: withdraw money -
TR - 1/30/18 10:48 AM
horozkentl: I've got money in liminit but it's still inadequate
NL - 1/31/18 2:28 AM
berrevoets: You click the cheatlinks every day!!!
NL - 1/31/18 2:29 AM
berrevoets: be carefull when you click
TR - 2/2/18 3:59 PM
krajpack: @horozkentl -
MG - 2/6/18 1:39 PM
ferox: Payment received, thanks Admin
IT - 3/4/18 12:41 PM
Criptorob: Hi all. Yesterday was my first day in this PTC and I clicked the cheat lòink because I was whitout my glasses, today instead I have read the meaning...
PK - 3/13/18 12:56 PM
already2used: next time dont forget to wear a glass
PK - 3/14/18 11:02 PM
Uzma: Hllo i am new plz guide me
PK - 3/15/18 6:19 PM
kamrankg: uzma what u want its very friendlly web site all option open to earn
PK - 3/15/18 10:08 PM
Uzma: How do work paid to signup offer
PK - 3/16/18 10:57 AM
ghazall: click link and fill the form with valid email and check ur email and click active sign up than after sumbit ur login id and confirm email u recvd after sin up
PK - 3/16/18 10:58 AM
ghazall: hope clear?
AR - 3/16/18 9:55 PM
rodarigo: @Uzma - Take care about cheat links (PTC section). They will reduce your daily earnings! Pay attention
UA - 3/17/18 6:13 AM
Nekromant: Why does my balance go to minus?
PK - 3/17/18 1:46 PM
Uzma: What is offer name
PK - 3/18/18 12:57 AM
Uzma: Why does my balamce
PK - 3/18/18 12:58 AM
Uzma: Why does my balance go to minus?
PK - 3/18/18 9:43 AM
AR - 3/19/18 12:27 AM
rodarigo: @Nekromant - Check my last message ↑
AR - 3/19/18 12:27 AM
rodarigo: @Uzma - You too.
PK - 3/19/18 8:52 AM
Uzma: What is cheat link ?
PK - 3/19/18 8:55 AM
Uzma: What s
PK - 3/19/18 8:55 AM
Uzma: Whats procedure paid to sign up login id and paste email?
PK - 3/19/18 9:14 AM
Uzma: What is work how i do plz tell me
AR - 3/20/18 1:10 PM
rodarigo: @Uzma - Cheat links = Links with a minus (-) before the number. They decrease your earnings.
AR - 3/20/18 1:11 PM
rodarigo: @Uzma - $-0.25 and -10 points. They are the cheat links.
PK - 3/21/18 1:29 PM
Uzma: Plz tell paid to sign up offer procedur?
AR - 3/23/18 1:01 AM
rodarigo: @Uzma - Each offer explains you how to get paid. You have to write your login ID and a paste of your registration email below (delete your password previously if it is written).
PK - 3/24/18 1:26 PM
knowwel: i think admin on the long vication, please may i know who look after the site....thanks....8|
PK - 3/25/18 7:25 AM
Uzma: What is offer name.
PK - 3/25/18 7:26 AM
Uzma: Paid to sign up offer before submitting offer name write i dont understand what is offer name plz explain me
AU - 4/1/18 11:29 PM
VN - 4/11/18 3:41 AM
AU - 4/17/18 5:43 AM
PK - 4/17/18 10:01 AM
ghouri: hi admin, hope everythink is okay and your health also.
PK - 4/17/18 10:02 AM
ghouri: i am wory about your health and your website, long time no messege no signup no payout.
PK - 4/17/18 10:03 AM
ghouri: god bless you and keep healthy.
RS - 4/20/18 3:01 AM
makeonline: is it paying?
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