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How do I complete an offer succesfully?
How do I complete a PTS offer succesfully?
After you joined our website please click on member - pts (Paid to signup offers). You can see a lot of offers there. To complete one of the offers please do the following:
- Click on the link or banner of the offer. You will be redirected to a website.
- Join that website and confirm your membership by confirming the email in your emailbox. Now you are member of that website.
- To get credit on our site please copy the confirmationemail you received from that site and paste it into the box in our PTSarea.
How do I complete a Paid to be active offer succesfully? 
- Join that website and confirm your membership by confirming the email in your emailbox. Now you are member of that website.
- Click at least the number of ads or do at least the number of  signups we are asking for.
- To get credit on our site please copy the confirmationemail you received from that site and paste it into the box in our PTSarea.

Shoutbox. English only
PK - 7/19/17 4:07 PM
knowwel: because what?
AU - 7/26/17 4:56 AM
Asparilla: @nguyendong1441 - Hi! :) If that's the case, send a Trouble Ticket (left-hand side of site) and ask what happened. There will be a good reason, for sure...
AU - 7/26/17 5:01 AM
Asparilla: @cris80 - Hiya Cris! :) Guessing there's a backlog or you're still within the "30 days after request". ;) Be patient though, this site and each Admin have always been honest, decent, and hardworking! 8)
PK - 7/26/17 10:37 AM
ghouri: ofcourse yes my words always same.
PK - 7/26/17 10:39 AM
ghouri: i trust on the admin thars why continue from 2014.
AU - 7/30/17 7:36 AM
Asparilla: @ghouri - Too right! :) Me too! :D
PK - 7/31/17 11:08 AM
ghouri: yeah Asparilla thanks for vote
PK - 7/31/17 11:08 AM
VN - 8/2/17 8:08 AM
azemdion: :-d:-d:-d site good
PK - 8/3/17 7:24 PM
ghouri: not only good site is king of ptc, always paid no hanky panky very strong and honnest admin.
PK - 8/4/17 7:32 PM
kamrankg: wow 2 cheatlink if mistake to click lost 0.50 cents mean your 50 days paid to click useless.
PK - 8/4/17 7:32 PM
kamrankg: good job admin.
PK - 8/4/17 7:33 PM
kamrankg: members please has to be care, no mistake hnnn
NL - 8/6/17 1:55 PM
berrevoets: Its to prevent for clickbots, no advertisers no money
US - 8/7/17 6:47 AM
rmuncy: love how even when you are careful and dont click on the cheatlink, they still minues .25 when they feel like it
NP - 8/11/17 1:07 PM
genexred: how long does it take to have payment after asking for payment?
PK - 8/12/17 9:18 AM
jackna: wot the hell? admin i think u forget u give one cents for paid to click and mentioned 2 cheat link without any intmation.
PK - 8/12/17 9:19 AM
jackna: today i lost 25 cents for one cents, from todate i never click paid to click.
PK - 8/12/17 9:21 AM
jackna: unfair totally unfair.
PK - 8/12/17 9:21 AM
jackna: good bye
PK - 8/12/17 12:05 PM
ksattar: ahahaha you are the victum of cheatlink, open eyes before click and patient ok jackna
AU - 8/14/17 11:38 AM
Asparilla: @jackna - It's awful, true... and a pity it wasn't a smaller amount and in, say, RED... ::) ...but it really DOES make u pay attention more and be extra careful! :)
PK - 8/14/17 12:36 PM
fcharji: yeah cheatlink one in CAPITAL letter and 2nd is small letters, users must be mistake spacially in small letter cheatlink.
PK - 8/14/17 12:37 PM
fcharji: Admin do something to save members money...thanks..
US - 8/17/17 11:23 PM
mw43: As careful as I've been I just lost 25 cents. That's many days of clicking just lost. Not happy at all.
US - 8/17/17 11:43 PM
mw43: That's 250 links @ .01 clicked for free.
UA - 8/18/17 10:04 AM
zaq77: cfhb
MA - 8/21/17 1:22 AM
fifora: Does the site support the PayPal ?
UA - 8/24/17 3:32 AM
nakdubedo: Admin, say please when will payment be for April month?
VN - 8/26/17 2:31 AM
dinhviethai: How many days can I get my payment ? :'(:'(
VN - 8/26/17 8:19 AM
VN - 8/26/17 8:20 AM
lynguyen9592: Ads no cheat :))
VN - 8/26/17 8:20 AM
lynguyen9592: donkeymail. :D
MA - 8/26/17 11:05 AM
fifora: paid to singup not working ?!!
AU - 8/30/17 7:27 PM
Asparilla: @dinhviethai - If u check the NEWS section (left-hand side of site), that'll give u some idea of payments! :) Great site, great Admin, great Members! Always pays! 8)
AU - 8/30/17 7:29 PM
Asparilla: @fifora - Maybe send a ticket to Admin if u've completed a signup correctly and waited the right amount of time... Admin will see to it and check it out...
EG - 9/4/17 3:44 PM
Bs18: I've made a mistake in Cilxwall .. I've written a wrong e-mail when submitting a proof ... What do I do? Ask anyone to help me
EG - 9/4/17 3:47 PM
Bs18: plz anyone help me !
NP - 9/5/17 6:04 AM
bhimsen: request on payza on Aug 17, 2017 but no payment yet :(
NP - 9/5/17 1:05 PM
genexred: same here requested on payza on Aug 6, still on pending?
VN - 9/8/17 12:13 AM
dinhviethai: same here requested on pm on Aug 4, still on pending?
MA - 9/8/17 2:47 PM
lematin55: @dinhviethai - pending since Jul 25, 2017
IN - 9/9/17 4:15 AM
savith: my request to pm pending since Aug 14 2017
RS - 9/11/17 4:17 AM
makeonline: is this site payimg or not?anybody knows?
US - 9/13/17 12:24 AM
salim13988: Of course is always paying ontime
US - 9/15/17 2:26 PM
jody451r: I received my payment today. Thanks!
CN - 9/16/17 5:40 AM
zhenchangfeng: Always pays! GOOD!
CN - 9/16/17 5:41 AM
zhenchangfeng: I received my payment , Thanks!
CN - 9/16/17 5:42 AM
NP - 9/17/17 11:48 AM
genexred: me too received my payments ..THANKS! Pays always eventhough sometimes late.
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