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Rules for Paid to be active offers
1-Signup with valid info.
2-Confirm your account by mail
3-Click at least the number of ads we are asking for or do the number of signups we are asking for.
4-Don't send us the welcome mail, but copy your members area and paste this in the box in our pts section.
   In this way we can check your activity. When there is no proof of activity, your signup will be denied
5-Do as we ask and you will be rewarded. Don't cheat otherwise you will be banned

Shoutbox. English only
NL - 1/28/18 5:39 AM
berrevoets: all pay outs are done:)
NL - 1/29/18 1:31 AM
berrevoets: qall pending pay outs are paid again:)
TR - 1/29/18 4:37 PM
TR - 1/30/18 10:47 AM
horozkentl: withdraw money -
TR - 1/30/18 10:48 AM
horozkentl: I've got money in liminit but it's still inadequate
NL - 1/31/18 2:28 AM
berrevoets: You click the cheatlinks every day!!!
NL - 1/31/18 2:29 AM
berrevoets: be carefull when you click
TR - 2/2/18 3:59 PM
krajpack: @horozkentl -
MG - 2/6/18 1:39 PM
ferox: Payment received, thanks Admin
IT - 3/4/18 12:41 PM
Criptorob: Hi all. Yesterday was my first day in this PTC and I clicked the cheat lòink because I was whitout my glasses, today instead I have read the meaning...
PK - 3/13/18 12:56 PM
already2used: next time dont forget to wear a glass
PK - 3/14/18 11:02 PM
Uzma: Hllo i am new plz guide me
PK - 3/15/18 6:19 PM
kamrankg: uzma what u want its very friendlly web site all option open to earn
PK - 3/15/18 10:08 PM
Uzma: How do work paid to signup offer
PK - 3/16/18 10:57 AM
ghazall: click link and fill the form with valid email and check ur email and click active sign up than after sumbit ur login id and confirm email u recvd after sin up
PK - 3/16/18 10:58 AM
ghazall: hope clear?
AR - 3/16/18 9:55 PM
rodarigo: @Uzma - Take care about cheat links (PTC section). They will reduce your daily earnings! Pay attention
UA - 3/17/18 6:13 AM
Nekromant: Why does my balance go to minus?
PK - 3/17/18 1:46 PM
Uzma: What is offer name
PK - 3/18/18 12:57 AM
Uzma: Why does my balamce
PK - 3/18/18 12:58 AM
Uzma: Why does my balance go to minus?
PK - 3/18/18 9:43 AM
AR - 3/19/18 12:27 AM
rodarigo: @Nekromant - Check my last message ↑
AR - 3/19/18 12:27 AM
rodarigo: @Uzma - You too.
PK - 3/19/18 8:52 AM
Uzma: What is cheat link ?
PK - 3/19/18 8:55 AM
Uzma: What s
PK - 3/19/18 8:55 AM
Uzma: Whats procedure paid to sign up login id and paste email?
PK - 3/19/18 9:14 AM
Uzma: What is work how i do plz tell me
AR - 3/20/18 1:10 PM
rodarigo: @Uzma - Cheat links = Links with a minus (-) before the number. They decrease your earnings.
AR - 3/20/18 1:11 PM
rodarigo: @Uzma - $-0.25 and -10 points. They are the cheat links.
PK - 3/21/18 1:29 PM
Uzma: Plz tell paid to sign up offer procedur?
AR - 3/23/18 1:01 AM
rodarigo: @Uzma - Each offer explains you how to get paid. You have to write your login ID and a paste of your registration email below (delete your password previously if it is written).
PK - 3/24/18 1:26 PM
knowwel: i think admin on the long vication, please may i know who look after the site....thanks....8|
PK - 3/25/18 7:25 AM
Uzma: What is offer name.
PK - 3/25/18 7:26 AM
Uzma: Paid to sign up offer before submitting offer name write i dont understand what is offer name plz explain me
AU - 4/1/18 11:29 PM
VN - 4/11/18 3:41 AM
AU - 4/17/18 5:43 AM
PK - 4/17/18 10:01 AM
ghouri: hi admin, hope everythink is okay and your health also.
PK - 4/17/18 10:02 AM
ghouri: i am wory about your health and your website, long time no messege no signup no payout.
PK - 4/17/18 10:03 AM
ghouri: god bless you and keep healthy.
RS - 4/20/18 3:01 AM
makeonline: is it paying?
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