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Rules for Paid to be active offers
1-Signup with valid info.
2-Confirm your account by mail
3-Click at least the number of ads we are asking for or do the number of signups we are asking for.
4-Don't send us the welcome mail, but copy your members area and paste this in the box in our pts section.
   In this way we can check your activity. When there is no proof of activity, your signup will be denied
5-Do as we ask and you will be rewarded. Don't cheat otherwise you will be banned

Shoutbox. English only
PK - 3/25/18 7:25 AM
Uzma: What is offer name.
PK - 3/25/18 7:26 AM
Uzma: Paid to sign up offer before submitting offer name write i dont understand what is offer name plz explain me
AU - 4/1/18 11:29 PM
VN - 4/11/18 3:41 AM
AU - 4/17/18 5:43 AM
PK - 4/17/18 10:01 AM
ghouri: hi admin, hope everythink is okay and your health also.
PK - 4/17/18 10:02 AM
ghouri: i am wory about your health and your website, long time no messege no signup no payout.
PK - 4/17/18 10:03 AM
ghouri: god bless you and keep healthy.
RS - 4/20/18 3:01 AM
makeonline: is it paying?
PK - 4/21/18 1:16 PM
kamrankg: yes always paying, u dont worry keep working
PK - 5/7/18 7:48 PM
already2used: after feb 2,2018 no paout, whats wrong admin?
RS - 5/8/18 1:55 AM
makeonline: where is admin?
US - 5/8/18 6:23 PM
rmuncy: don't want to keep doing this site if not going to pay out!
PK - 5/11/18 1:41 PM
markhan: o no really
AR - 5/11/18 10:31 PM
rodarigo: @rmuncy - The site IS PAYING. Go to your "Withdraw cash" section and check if your payment was denied!
US - 5/13/18 9:33 PM
rmuncy: @rodarigo -
US - 5/13/18 9:33 PM
rmuncy: no still pending for over 3 weeks
PK - 5/15/18 2:10 PM
jackna: my payout also pending since Feb 16, 2018
PK - 5/15/18 2:10 PM
jackna: i dont know the status of site.
PK - 5/15/18 2:11 PM
jackna: i am here since apr 2016 and enjoying continue payout i dont know what happened now.
UA - 5/15/18 10:27 PM
yurafrut: Hello. What happened to the site? why payments are not made? is there any sense to continue working?
EG - 5/16/18 5:15 AM
Bs18: scam site 8-)
LV - 5/20/18 12:49 PM
kark28: site is dead
PK - 5/20/18 5:29 PM
markhan: hope admin is healthy, if admin is healthy no worry
PK - 5/20/18 5:30 PM
AU - 5/27/18 4:49 AM
Asparilla: PTC Corner and Admin have always been good.. :) Going to stick with them. Hopefully there will be an update soon enough! 8)
US - 6/5/18 5:13 PM
rose45room: Would be nice to hear from someone in charge regarding payments.
US - 6/13/18 9:55 AM
rose45room: Anyone know what is happening with admin?
UA - 6/15/18 7:35 AM
yurafrut: admin changed his sexual orientation
AR - 6/15/18 9:37 PM
rodarigo: @yurafrut - And you are jealous because he didn't choose you? Have respect!
UA - 6/16/18 10:35 PM
yurafrut: @rodarigo-Of course jealous because of you. To you the administrator does payments probably not for nothing. Advise, What should I do? Licking or sucking?
AR - 6/17/18 4:58 AM
rodarigo: @yurafrut - Cry and stop clicking, if you want. The admin always paid, he will continue paying. You can choose, I am not making you continue here!
UA - 6/17/18 8:07 AM
UA - 6/17/18 8:09 AM
yurafrut: Ptnding: Feb 22, 2018 and May 14, 2018
UA - 6/17/18 8:09 AM
yurafrut: Pending
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