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VN - 9/24/17 9:23 AM
anthiennhan: @admin ; why do u cancel my payment many times. What reason? can youy tell me?
PK - 9/27/17 4:05 PM
ghouri: pls use trouble ticket with full details.
ZA - 9/29/17 1:05 PM
maurice4u: my payment has also been cancelled a couple of times. no use sending trouble ticket because admin does not respond
AU - 9/30/17 1:46 PM
Asparilla: @maurice4u - No stress! Admin is really good - this site is excellent! There will be a reason why your payment was "cancelled", for sure. 8-) PTC Corner has been going for years and Admin is always helpful. Also, incredibly busy... Please be pat
AU - 9/30/17 1:47 PM
Asparilla: *patient! :)
ZA - 10/1/17 8:01 AM
maurice4u: Aspirilla waiting for months, this really sounds fishy. They used to pay regularly but not anymore.
MA - 10/4/17 8:51 AM
MA - 10/4/17 8:51 AM
MA - 10/4/17 8:51 AM
AU - 10/4/17 11:42 AM
Asparilla: @owrnetwork - If it helps, there are lots of us who have been here for years and Admins have always come through when other sites have disappeared. I and heaps of others have confidence. Admin wld've let us know if any issues came up. Also,they really DO
AU - 10/4/17 11:44 AM
Asparilla: genuinely care and work hard in their offline world as well as in their online endeavours. :)
NP - 10/10/17 11:11 PM
NP - 10/10/17 11:11 PM
bahadur120: in my account no any offeres why?
AU - 10/12/17 1:34 AM
Asparilla: @bahadur120 - Hi! :) I'm guessing you come from a country where there are few advertisers... unfortunately. But if there are any signups and CashPtc Ads/Points, do those! Check every day... changes and all adds up! :)
AU - 10/30/17 6:53 AM
AU - 10/30/17 6:53 AM
GB - 11/5/17 10:36 AM
madbash: cannot believe by using a laptop i will end up clicking a cheat link. not a cheat but sensitive WTF
AU - 11/7/17 5:26 AM
Asparilla: @madbash - Argh! ::) It's a pity... it happens... Gotta be real careful... Wish the two links were in RED, say, so they'd stand out a little more... Just a thought...
UA - 11/9/17 7:05 AM
shendoes: please tell me, when will the payment be made? And will it?
UA - 11/9/17 7:05 AM
AU - 11/12/17 2:06 AM
Asparilla: @shendoes - Hi Shendoes! :) Check under NEWS (Left-hand side of site) U can expect payments within about 30 days after requesting! :)
PK - 11/15/17 3:58 PM
anildilpat: hi admin where are you no body reply tt
NL - 11/16/17 9:24 AM
berrevoets: Hello john is in hospital its bad:( we catching up busyb with pay outs then i will do ticket
CZ - 11/16/17 11:55 AM
marusdole: I received a payment a little later, but thank you admin
CZ - 11/16/17 11:56 AM
NL - 11/16/17 1:11 PM
berrevoets: yes read above , we pay for years so no worrie:)
US - 11/16/17 4:40 PM
jody451r: received two payments today, thanks!
IN - 11/17/17 3:37 AM
savith: 2 months my withdrawal is not processed , when contact admin he say next time it will be done but still i havnt received
GB - 11/19/17 12:02 PM
madbash: Today for the first time i managed to avoid clicking on the cheat links with very careful clicking. bleep sensitive laptop
ZA - 11/21/17 8:18 AM
maurice4u: Iget message fromPTCCorner to say I have not been active ive for 39 days and must please come back, but IaI am waiting for months for my payment now.
AU - 12/1/17 3:15 AM
Asparilla: @berrevoets - Hey Berrovoets, so sorry to hear about John... :( Wishing him a speedy recovery... And for anyone else reading these posts... PTC Corner is really good and Admins are honest and genuine. Please don't worry and keep clicking, doing offers, a
AU - 12/1/17 3:15 AM
Asparilla: ...and promoting the site! :)
AU - 12/1/17 4:11 AM
Asparilla: Remy B. is one of the nicest Admins around in the PTC world! 8)
PK - 12/3/17 2:54 PM
anildilpat: yes you are right Asparilla really no doubt :-d
PK - 12/9/17 3:37 PM
anildilpat: miss u admin, come back to join us, we nothing without you/
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