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new owner Jul 25, 2015

Since November 2014 Ptccorner is running under a new ownership.  The new webmaster is Remy Berrevoets.

pts approval Jan 12, 2013
The site is growing very well and because of this we have more and more advertisers.
To make sure everything is going well and fair to members and advertisers I want to follow these rules:
*Advertisers have to approve/denie the signups within 5 days. After 5 days pending  I will approve them all myself.
*Signups will stay on the pending list for 5 days, and all tickets with this subject will be closed without a reply.
*When a program will NOT send you a welcome e-mail, you have to copy your membersarea and use this as a welcome e-mail.
*All signups with the text: no mail received ect will be denied
* You have to activate your account.
Paid to be active
*  you have to send proof of activity. Without proof, we will denie them all.
* Also here the advertiser have to approve/denie the signups within 5 days. As an advertiser you have to make sure the task can be  done within 5 days.
*Payments will be done within 30 days after request.
other rules:

:: You fill in real details in your member section and when you sign up for an offer

:: You are at least 18 years old

:: 1 account per household/ipaddress/PayPal account/payza account or other payment processors or your account will be deleted.

:: No use of proxy servers and VPM!!!!


points Oct 27, 2012
You can buy cash ptc ads with your points now.
that means more cash ptc's to click daily and more earnings

how to use POINTS Aug 23, 2012

you can use them to buy ptc ads. Please go to ADVERTISING and sellect PAID TO CLICK.

Shoutbox. English only
PK - 7/19/17 4:07 PM
knowwel: because what?
AU - 7/26/17 4:56 AM
Asparilla: @nguyendong1441 - Hi! :) If that's the case, send a Trouble Ticket (left-hand side of site) and ask what happened. There will be a good reason, for sure...
AU - 7/26/17 5:01 AM
Asparilla: @cris80 - Hiya Cris! :) Guessing there's a backlog or you're still within the "30 days after request". ;) Be patient though, this site and each Admin have always been honest, decent, and hardworking! 8)
PK - 7/26/17 10:37 AM
ghouri: ofcourse yes my words always same.
PK - 7/26/17 10:39 AM
ghouri: i trust on the admin thars why continue from 2014.
AU - 7/30/17 7:36 AM
Asparilla: @ghouri - Too right! :) Me too! :D
PK - 7/31/17 11:08 AM
ghouri: yeah Asparilla thanks for vote
PK - 7/31/17 11:08 AM
VN - 8/2/17 8:08 AM
azemdion: :-d:-d:-d site good
PK - 8/3/17 7:24 PM
ghouri: not only good site is king of ptc, always paid no hanky panky very strong and honnest admin.
PK - 8/4/17 7:32 PM
kamrankg: wow 2 cheatlink if mistake to click lost 0.50 cents mean your 50 days paid to click useless.
PK - 8/4/17 7:32 PM
kamrankg: good job admin.
PK - 8/4/17 7:33 PM
kamrankg: members please has to be care, no mistake hnnn
NL - 8/6/17 1:55 PM
berrevoets: Its to prevent for clickbots, no advertisers no money
US - 8/7/17 6:47 AM
rmuncy: love how even when you are careful and dont click on the cheatlink, they still minues .25 when they feel like it
NP - 8/11/17 1:07 PM
genexred: how long does it take to have payment after asking for payment?
PK - 8/12/17 9:18 AM
jackna: wot the hell? admin i think u forget u give one cents for paid to click and mentioned 2 cheat link without any intmation.
PK - 8/12/17 9:19 AM
jackna: today i lost 25 cents for one cents, from todate i never click paid to click.
PK - 8/12/17 9:21 AM
jackna: unfair totally unfair.
PK - 8/12/17 9:21 AM
jackna: good bye
PK - 8/12/17 12:05 PM
ksattar: ahahaha you are the victum of cheatlink, open eyes before click and patient ok jackna
AU - 8/14/17 11:38 AM
Asparilla: @jackna - It's awful, true... and a pity it wasn't a smaller amount and in, say, RED... ::) ...but it really DOES make u pay attention more and be extra careful! :)
PK - 8/14/17 12:36 PM
fcharji: yeah cheatlink one in CAPITAL letter and 2nd is small letters, users must be mistake spacially in small letter cheatlink.
PK - 8/14/17 12:37 PM
fcharji: Admin do something to save members money...thanks..
US - 8/17/17 11:23 PM
mw43: As careful as I've been I just lost 25 cents. That's many days of clicking just lost. Not happy at all.
US - 8/17/17 11:43 PM
mw43: That's 250 links @ .01 clicked for free.
UA - 8/18/17 10:04 AM
zaq77: cfhb
MA - 8/21/17 1:22 AM
fifora: Does the site support the PayPal ?
UA - 8/24/17 3:32 AM
nakdubedo: Admin, say please when will payment be for April month?
VN - 8/26/17 2:31 AM
dinhviethai: How many days can I get my payment ? :'(:'(
VN - 8/26/17 8:19 AM
VN - 8/26/17 8:20 AM
lynguyen9592: Ads no cheat :))
VN - 8/26/17 8:20 AM
lynguyen9592: donkeymail. :D
MA - 8/26/17 11:05 AM
fifora: paid to singup not working ?!!
AU - 8/30/17 7:27 PM
Asparilla: @dinhviethai - If u check the NEWS section (left-hand side of site), that'll give u some idea of payments! :) Great site, great Admin, great Members! Always pays! 8)
AU - 8/30/17 7:29 PM
Asparilla: @fifora - Maybe send a ticket to Admin if u've completed a signup correctly and waited the right amount of time... Admin will see to it and check it out...
EG - 9/4/17 3:44 PM
Bs18: I've made a mistake in Cilxwall .. I've written a wrong e-mail when submitting a proof ... What do I do? Ask anyone to help me
EG - 9/4/17 3:47 PM
Bs18: plz anyone help me !
NP - 9/5/17 6:04 AM
bhimsen: request on payza on Aug 17, 2017 but no payment yet :(
NP - 9/5/17 1:05 PM
genexred: same here requested on payza on Aug 6, still on pending?
VN - 9/8/17 12:13 AM
dinhviethai: same here requested on pm on Aug 4, still on pending?
MA - 9/8/17 2:47 PM
lematin55: @dinhviethai - pending since Jul 25, 2017
IN - 9/9/17 4:15 AM
savith: my request to pm pending since Aug 14 2017
RS - 9/11/17 4:17 AM
makeonline: is this site payimg or not?anybody knows?
US - 9/13/17 12:24 AM
salim13988: Of course is always paying ontime
US - 9/15/17 2:26 PM
jody451r: I received my payment today. Thanks!
CN - 9/16/17 5:40 AM
zhenchangfeng: Always pays! GOOD!
CN - 9/16/17 5:41 AM
zhenchangfeng: I received my payment , Thanks!
CN - 9/16/17 5:42 AM
NP - 9/17/17 11:48 AM
genexred: me too received my payments ..THANKS! Pays always eventhough sometimes late.
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