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new owner Jul 25, 2015

Since November 2014 Ptccorner is running under a new ownership.  The new webmaster is Remy Berrevoets.

pts approval Jan 12, 2013
The site is growing very well and because of this we have more and more advertisers.
To make sure everything is going well and fair to members and advertisers I want to follow these rules:
*Advertisers have to approve/denie the signups within 5 days. After 5 days pending  I will approve them all myself.
*Signups will stay on the pending list for 5 days, and all tickets with this subject will be closed without a reply.
*When a program will NOT send you a welcome e-mail, you have to copy your membersarea and use this as a welcome e-mail.
*All signups with the text: no mail received ect will be denied
* You have to activate your account.
Paid to be active
*  you have to send proof of activity. Without proof, we will denie them all.
* Also here the advertiser have to approve/denie the signups within 5 days. As an advertiser you have to make sure the task can be  done within 5 days.
*Payments will be done within 30 days after request.
other rules:

:: You fill in real details in your member section and when you sign up for an offer

:: You are at least 18 years old

:: 1 account per household/ipaddress/PayPal account/payza account or other payment processors or your account will be deleted.

:: No use of proxy servers and VPM!!!!


points Oct 27, 2012
You can buy cash ptc ads with your points now.
that means more cash ptc's to click daily and more earnings

how to use POINTS Aug 23, 2012

you can use them to buy ptc ads. Please go to ADVERTISING and sellect PAID TO CLICK.

Shoutbox. English only
AU - 6/20/17 7:03 AM
Asparilla: @ofaxxanae - Use whichever payment processor u can in your country... Stick with this site, it's a good one! :D
AU - 6/20/17 7:04 AM
Asparilla: @swogden - :))
VN - 6/29/17 11:55 AM
tannguyen: do you scam? Who can answer me?
VN - 6/29/17 11:37 PM
VINHHOANG: Jun 22, 2017 Withdraw Withdraw - Perfectmoney -2.5300 0.0053 , NOTHING PAID
MA - 6/30/17 2:11 PM
lematin55: @tannguyen - why you tink this HONEST GPT is SCAM ... It paid me since 2012
MD - 7/1/17 8:46 AM
marama: no sccam! paid! very good ptc!
IN - 7/1/17 10:19 PM
rohitvenustrap: mine is pending sice june 24
IN - 7/1/17 10:19 PM
rohitvenustrap: will they pay it/
IN - 7/1/17 10:21 PM
rohitvenustrap: processor is payza
AR - 7/2/17 5:15 AM
rodarigo: Be calm, people and please READ THE TERMS. PtcCorner is NOT a scam site. If you have any doubts, send a ticket to the admin.
CN - 7/3/17 5:42 PM
sampling: very good ptc
NL - 7/4/17 1:56 PM
berrevoets: rohitvenustrap Jul 4, 2017 Payza 1.0260
NL - 7/4/17 1:56 PM
berrevoets: push payment proof left
IN - 7/4/17 10:46 PM
IN - 7/4/17 10:47 PM
rohitvenustrap: Thx...I will confirm in sm time...
IN - 7/5/17 12:26 PM
rohitvenustrap: payment processor not showing funds received!! I am inquiruing with them
IN - 7/5/17 8:55 PM
rohitvenustrap: payza has not revied the payout
IN - 7/5/17 8:56 PM
rohitvenustrap: lease look into this
IN - 7/6/17 11:58 AM
rohitvenustrap: not received payment of last payout... please look into it
BR - 7/6/17 8:08 PM
charruto: I did not receive the last payment $ 1,4220
BR - 7/6/17 8:10 PM
charruto: Has not entered my payza account
NL - 7/7/17 6:05 AM
ploik: Has not entered my payza account
AU - 7/7/17 10:52 PM
Asparilla: This site is good! :D Don't stress... ::)
IT - 7/8/17 3:31 PM
cris80: What are the waiting times for a payment?
IT - 7/8/17 3:34 PM
cris80: How long does it take to receive payment?
PK - 7/9/17 4:35 AM
fcharji: hmmmmm cash ptc's ad reduce from 50 to now 30
PK - 7/9/17 4:36 AM
fcharji: why btc payout very high??
EG - 7/9/17 12:48 PM
Bs18: What is mean of ULR ?
IN - 7/10/17 8:28 PM
rohitvenustrap: money has not comein my payza account?
IN - 7/10/17 8:28 PM
rohitvenustrap: please let me know what to do with this?
MD - 7/11/17 2:46 AM
marama: write admin or support!
NL - 7/12/17 1:19 AM
berrevoets: sending cost btc very high
IN - 7/12/17 12:45 PM
IN - 7/12/17 12:49 PM
rohitvenustrap: please send money to payza for my accont and check what is wrong..
IN - 7/12/17 12:49 PM
rohitvenustrap: it is extremely annoying to wait for payment
PK - 7/14/17 2:57 AM
fcharji: grrrrrrrr now only 26 cash ads
MD - 7/14/17 12:19 PM
marama: 26 cash ads very small
IT - 7/14/17 4:28 PM
cris80: I am waiting for a 1 month payment but when do I pay? thank you
RS - 7/15/17 2:53 PM
makeonline: There is no payment here?What to do?Stop clicking or wait?
VN - 7/16/17 1:14 AM
dinhviethai: 30 days I have not received payment yet
PK - 7/16/17 6:42 AM
ghouri: admin enjoy vication and informed to all members via e mail, why not understand kindly please wait till than admin is back....thanks....
PK - 7/16/17 6:47 AM
ghouri: admin happy hollidays hnnnn8|
UA - 7/17/17 11:38 AM
aegopafen: When the admin returns? Thank you!:-d:-d
PK - 7/18/17 5:06 AM
ghouri: depend on the mood i dont know, thanks
VN - 7/19/17 3:11 AM
nguyendong1441: why denied my payment , admin?
CN - 7/19/17 3:53 AM
zhenchangfeng: hello, why denied my payment , admin?
PK - 7/19/17 2:06 PM
kamrankg: guess admin is back know payout turn.
PK - 7/19/17 2:10 PM
kamrankg: to active
IT - 7/19/17 3:08 PM
cris80: I asked for payment a month ago as the rules are written but no payment has yet arrived because?
PK - 7/19/17 4:07 PM
knowwel: because what?
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