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:: Open International
We don't accept members from Vietnam and Nepal
What Ptccorner .com expects from you:
:: You fill in real details in your member section and when you sign up for an offer
:: You are at least 18 years old
:: 1 account per household/ipaddress/perfectmoney account/payza account or other payment processors or your account will be deleted.
:: No use of proxy servers and VPM!!!!
:: We don't allow any way of cheating! Be aware!

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Shoutbox. English only
EG - 3/8/15 6:36 AM
moustafa12: thank you very much
AU - 3/8/15 8:24 AM
Asparilla: @moustafa12 - You're welcome! :)
DZ - 3/8/15 1:28 PM
jojozmaz: i have sent a message to the admin to ask about pts ads ,but i have received no reply
AU - 3/9/15 12:44 PM
Asparilla: @jojozmaz - Hiya! :) Be a little patient, ok! ;) Admin has a life, work, family etc. outside this online world... ::) Not online 24/7... Have u checked the INFO/NEWS section to see if u have done everything u should have? Also, has the time stated elapse
AU - 3/9/15 12:45 PM
Asparilla: *elapsed... Nothing will be done/replied to if u haven't done YOUR part, including waiting for signups to credit... ;)
US - 3/10/15 9:30 AM
wrknomore: omg, this site has the whiniest people ... when you go to a job and punch a time clock you dont get paid till the end of week or however they pay ..same here you dont get paid the absolute second you do the work. .. This site and many others are reliable.
US - 3/10/15 9:31 AM
wrknomore: why do you think we all keep coming back and clicking and doing offers? ... cuz this site Pays .. thats why
DZ - 3/10/15 10:12 AM
jojozmaz: i didnt buy the offer yet, but i need to know some details about if it is possible to get signups from a specific countries thats all .
AU - 3/11/15 6:19 AM
Asparilla: @jojozmaz - Hi JoJo! :) Check the Offers section! ;) If YOU can see an offer, it's available to your country! :D You can't see Australian Offers, I can't see Algerian Offers... That's the way it goes! :)
AU - 3/11/15 6:20 AM
Asparilla: @jojozmaz - If you QUALIFY for the individual offer: i.e. meet IT'S requirements and complete it successfully, YOU WILL BE PAID!!! :D
US - 3/12/15 9:04 AM
wrknomore: Whoo Hoo!! I cashed out Again!! Love it here!
AU - 3/12/15 11:31 AM
Asparilla: @wrknomore - Congrats! 8)
US - 3/12/15 11:45 AM
AF - 3/16/15 1:33 AM
sayedhassan: can any body tell me why egopay site is down we we gonna receive our payments if egopay site not fixed up
NL - 3/16/15 7:38 AM
jinx: egopay is hacked by his own staff. cancel your pending request and request a new payment with other bank
NL - 3/16/15 7:38 AM
jinx: it seems they will not come back
US - 3/16/15 8:32 AM
wrknomore: wow ..hacked by his own cant trust anyone these days :(
PK - 3/16/15 8:44 AM
zainvandam: hi is it legit site or not bit-invest or not
PK - 3/16/15 8:44 AM
zainvandam: becuz i have invested money here but havent paid yet since 3 weeks although i joined it 1 and half months before
PK - 3/16/15 8:45 AM
zainvandam: plz tell me i will be thank ful2 each n every one
US - 3/16/15 8:48 AM
wrknomore: ive been a member here for years/.. they always pay. its not instant pay read the TOS for terms ..but you do Not have to invest to get paid here
PK - 3/16/15 8:51 AM
zainvandam: no sir uk registered site i.e search it bit-invest which gives 30$ sign up bonus so check this site
PK - 3/16/15 8:52 AM
zainvandam: give me your emailso that i can email u
US - 3/16/15 8:58 AM
wrknomore: i tried to message u from the inbox but it wouldnt let me.. dont want to put my email in this chatbox cuz i will get tons of spam
US - 3/16/15 9:12 AM
wrknomore: @ zainvandam .. i see now you are asking about a different site bit-invest .. i was talking about This site ptccorner ..
AU - 3/16/15 11:57 AM
Asparilla: @zainvandam - No fear, if you're asking about PTCCorner, you're in safe hands! 8) There are lots of us who are longtime members - can vouch for it! Admin's great, site is stable and has heaps of offers and daily clicks! :D
DZ - 3/16/15 2:13 PM
jojozmaz: hi,how long does the withrawal takes after requesting ?
DZ - 3/16/15 2:14 PM
jojozmaz: i have been waitng for almost 1 week ;usually ,i get paid with in 3/5 buiness days
PK - 3/16/15 2:51 PM
zainvandam: so plz tewll me about this site i.e bit-invest is it legit or scam
US - 3/16/15 6:22 PM
wrknomore: This site Is legit ... @jojozmaz read the terms and you will see how long you wait. ive been here for years .. always get paid
AU - 3/17/15 5:05 AM
PK - 3/17/15 9:13 AM
AU - 3/17/15 11:31 AM
Asparilla: @Desch1989 - Hiya! How are you going?!? :)
PK - 3/17/15 4:53 PM
kamrankg: hi admin
PK - 3/17/15 4:54 PM
kamrankg: how are you and have great day for u and all members
PK - 3/17/15 4:55 PM
kamrankg: pls if u dont mind one request to u, pls clean paid to sign up offers page because many offers is expired.
PK - 3/17/15 4:56 PM
kamrankg: hope understand what m saying
PK - 3/17/15 4:56 PM
kamrankg: tc bbyeee
PK - 3/17/15 4:56 PM
kamrankg: b/rgds/kamrankg
AU - 3/18/15 6:11 AM
Asparilla: @kamrankg - :) Pretty sure that Admin will do some "housekeeping" soon! ;) It can be pretty difficult at times to tell the ones that are expired from certain countries. If u could report (using the REPORT button where u find the offer), that'd
AU - 3/18/15 6:12 AM
Asparilla: *that'd be helpful! 8)
PK - 3/18/15 5:22 PM
kamrankg: ok admin i;ll try to do housekeeping as a member and report to admin how much garbage found.
PK - 3/18/15 5:22 PM
kamrankg: happy to serve admin
AU - 3/18/15 10:01 PM
Asparilla: @kamrankg - :D
DZ - 3/25/15 6:56 AM
malik22840: new here
PK - 3/26/15 8:57 AM
kamrankg: hi malik welome to join ptcc
PK - 3/26/15 8:57 AM
kamrankg: dontwory i assist u , what u want
DZ - 3/28/15 5:20 AM
jojozmaz: waiting for payment since 2 weeks almost :'(:'(:'(
US - 3/28/15 9:24 AM
wrknomore: good grief jojozmaz.. read the terns and stop whining .. everyone gets paid here if they didnt cheat .
US - 3/28/15 9:24 AM
wrknomore: was gone last week to the mountains but im back now! ready to get my earnings up again!
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