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Shoutbox. English only
IN - 9/5/14 3:27 AM
shrimacherla: changed the password and it worked
PK - 9/5/14 8:32 PM
spkhan: hi friends
US - 9/8/14 8:03 AM
wrknomore: morning
DZ - 9/10/14 6:31 AM
jojozmaz: does any one ,know how to get a paypal urgent loan ?
US - 9/10/14 8:29 AM
wrknomore: didnt know there was such a thing
US - 9/11/14 7:14 PM
RBurger: paypal doesn't offer that but they do have there own credit card to people in United States I don't know about any other country
AU - 9/14/14 11:32 AM
Asparilla: Phew! Back! 8)
DZ - 9/14/14 2:52 PM
jojozmaz: can any one borrow me 100$ ??will deposit any needed official papers by fax
DZ - 9/14/14 2:54 PM
jojozmaz: and will return it in 2 months ,since am jobless;i work via internet in such sites
AU - 9/15/14 1:24 PM
Asparilla: @jojozmaz - Hi JoJo! Sorry to hear ur in need... The best thing to do is to talk to family and friends... they are the best ones to help u. They know u personally and can maybe help u other ways too.
AU - 9/16/14 3:50 AM
ID - 9/16/14 5:50 AM
raturn: @jojozmaz if you need borrow check this site bit[.]cur[.]lv[/]borrowbtc min 1 BTC fee 2,5% per month
ID - 9/16/14 5:51 AM
raturn: remove []
ID - 9/16/14 5:52 AM
raturn: anyone can tell me this site scam? or no? in my wot ranks this site very poor rates
AU - 9/16/14 6:37 AM
Asparilla: @raturn - This site, PTCCorner, is great! :) Always paid... Great Admin... Knew him from another site he ran - very decent guy; just follow the rules and u will do well! :)
US - 9/16/14 10:03 AM
wrknomore: excellent site ..been paid many times
ID - 9/17/14 12:49 AM
raturn: Min payout?
DZ - 9/17/14 5:50 AM
jojozmaz: 2.5$ for payza ,and 2$ for paypal
AU - 9/17/14 11:41 AM
Asparilla: Don't forget to read NEWS on the left-hand side of the site, under INFO... for other things u need to know! :D
ZA - 9/17/14 1:10 PM
maurice4u: great site. Paid many times without problems. One of the best.
MA - 9/17/14 7:37 PM
lematin55: @maurice4u - yes ptccorner is a big honest GPT
AU - 9/18/14 4:44 AM
ID - 9/18/14 5:57 AM
raturn: but what mean of pending payout at down footer? Pending :$128.00
AU - 9/18/14 6:53 AM
Asparilla: @raturn - Members have cashed out and are awaiting payment as per terms spelled out in the NEWS section. :D Very good! 8)
PK - 9/22/14 4:20 AM
cena786: hey can one tell me that is this site i.e oneworldbux legit or scam or has any one paid by it
PK - 9/22/14 4:20 AM
cena786: or this ishonest site
AU - 9/22/14 5:38 AM
Asparilla: @cena786 - Hi Cena! :) Haven't had personal experience with it... But bear in mind that a lot of Bux sites are unsustainable; the business model rarely works and is full of scams, so, first check how long the site has been in operation. Ignore any claims
AU - 9/22/14 5:38 AM
Asparilla: ...that say u can make heaps...
AU - 9/22/14 5:39 AM
Asparilla: NeoBux is great - and has stood the test of time, but be very wary of others... especially if u have to pay a lot to upgrade etc.
AU - 9/22/14 5:41 AM
Asparilla: They have a tendency to take your money and run; or require u to upgrade to cashout...
AU - 9/22/14 5:41 AM
Asparilla: Ponzi schemes...
AU - 9/22/14 6:00 AM
Asparilla: PTC Corner doesn't have that problem, fortunately! 8)
BG - 9/24/14 12:31 PM
BG - 9/24/14 12:32 PM
hpanka: clearbux is scam
NL - 9/24/14 1:58 PM
jinx: Probux, Fusebux and Zapbux: scam
AU - 9/24/14 10:17 PM
NP - 9/26/14 4:00 AM
genexred: Probux hasn't paid paid me even i complained to admin for non payment
BE - 9/26/14 7:29 AM
BangB: I've been paid by probux for 3 times of more than $10 each payout request, only lately that the said site failed to pay my request of cashout, I presumed that the site had already ran out of fund but still hoping that their problem will be fixed the soon
BE - 9/26/14 7:31 AM
BangB: *hoping their problem will be fixed the soonest possible time..
NL - 9/26/14 11:27 AM
jinx: not going to happen. they are gone
BE - 9/26/14 3:07 PM
BangB: sad to know...
NL - 9/27/14 2:26 AM
jinx: yes it is
AU - 9/27/14 2:29 PM
Asparilla: ::) Sad... But Bux business models are hard to sustain... very few survive longterm...
AU - 9/28/14 4:33 AM
Asparilla: Can't stand those SpinDing ads (though it looks like the site is down/gone). ::) They hijack the links and take them to their site... Awful!
IT - 9/28/14 2:13 PM
yes1873: thanks Admin...payment received
AU - 9/29/14 2:11 AM
Asparilla: @yes1873 - :D
PK - 9/29/14 10:46 AM
kamrankg: hi friends
PK - 9/29/14 10:46 AM
kamrankg: hrya all
AU - 9/29/14 10:28 PM
Asparilla: @kamrankg - G'day Kamrankg! :D
PK - 10/1/14 6:54 PM
kamrankg: ty friends
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