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:: You fill in real details in your member section and when you sign up for an offer
:: You are at least 18 years old
:: 1 account per household/ipaddress/perfectmoney account/payza account or other payment processors or your account will be deleted.
:: No use of proxy servers and VPM!!!!
:: We don't allow any way of cheating! Be aware!

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Shoutbox. English only
NL - 8/16/15 7:50 AM
berrevoets: all pending perfect money requests are paid today. money is expensive, use it well
AU - 8/16/15 7:56 AM
Asparilla: Great news! :)) Great site! :) Great Admin! 8-) Thanks PTC Corner! :D
AU - 8/19/15 5:44 AM
Asparilla: Keep up the great work - check out the Offers and PTC's! 8)
NL - 8/22/15 5:23 AM
berrevoets: to stop the clickbots we will add some cheatlinks to ptc ads. becarefull otherwise you will lose money and or your account
AR - 8/22/15 5:44 AM
rodarigo: Oops, i clicked it by mistake, but realized at time and closed the window before the time run out.
PL - 8/22/15 7:59 AM
sardasa: @berrevoets - Hello. Are you online?
IN - 8/22/15 11:32 AM
shrimacherla: @berrevoets good one :-|:-d
AU - 8/22/15 11:36 AM
Asparilla: @berrevoets - :D
AU - 8/22/15 11:42 AM
Asparilla: So no mindless clicking then! ::) Look before we click... and check out the ads, they just might have great sites we might want to join or have great info we might find useful! Cool! 8)
AU - 8/22/15 11:42 AM
Asparilla: All good! :D
IN - 8/22/15 11:48 AM
shrimacherla: @Rodarigo,Cheat links have been started?Coz I didnt come across still,I just started clicking ,may be I found it while i finish clicking., I jus love clicking ads.
IN - 8/22/15 12:06 PM
shrimacherla: @Dipu u ve changed ur id?
PK - 8/24/15 8:37 PM
kamrankg: hi admin
PK - 8/24/15 8:38 PM
kamrankg: without any notice u mentioned cheat checker click today i realise dont know how many time i click
PK - 8/24/15 8:39 PM
kamrankg: btw how much money i loses?
PK - 8/24/15 8:40 PM
kamrankg: atleast u mention in bold and red colour to care about your users.
PK - 8/24/15 11:28 PM
khkhan: awwww i am victum of cheatlink
PK - 8/24/15 11:28 PM
PK - 8/24/15 11:29 PM
khkhan: wow i m looser hahahah, has to be care all members ok
NL - 8/25/15 1:41 PM
berrevoets: you can read this in the shoutbox and newspage. And ofcourse you can read the ads. Thats the meaning of clicking ads. READ
PL - 8/25/15 1:45 PM
sardasa: @berrevoets - Hello
PL - 8/25/15 1:47 PM
sardasa: Can you please reply to my e-mail?
AU - 8/28/15 5:38 AM
Asparilla: @khkhan - Good advice! 8)
PK - 8/28/15 1:23 PM
khkhan: o really thx asparilla
PK - 8/28/15 1:24 PM
US - 8/28/15 5:24 PM
slicksmom1997: site seems awfullyn slow today
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